Doctor nurse patient

Doctor Vs Nurse Vs Patient. Part 21

Doctor Vs Nurse Vs Patient. Part 22
Doctor Vs Nurse Vs Patient. Part 20


“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh…” Were the only things I
was hearing…..
I b@nged her hard, made sure she forgot
how all her former boyfriends b@nged her….
I b@nged her seriously, turning her from side
to side, and she was holding me tight, cos
she was feeling the boy!!!
I felt her Pour twice, but I knew she needed
So I turned her to kneeling front of me, her
back facing the sky, and I pounded her from
Now she was literally crying…..
I was not only pounding her but was also
playing with her cl!t and her Tips one after
the other….
“Oh baby, please….”
And she came again….
But I saw that she was drooling, I knew she
was already exhausted, so I forced myself to
erupt, and then t was successful…..
She la!d on the chair for sometime, while I
went to take my bath….
When I came out of the bathroom, she was
gone, I didn’t see her again, I went to her
room and it was locked…..
And I was like “did I just sleep with a

Nah, I don’t believe in ghosts….
And hey, she felt real, that pushy felt
But I kept on wallowing in boredom when I
saw a message…..
“Please call me, its an emergency”
Who could that be
I called back….
“Hello, please may I know who is speaking”
“Hey its me, Dr Sandra”
Dr Sandra was not only a colleague at work,
but also my former classmate….
“Hey what’s up nah, how did u get my
“Oh, I got it from the doctor’s call duty
“Oh, ha-ha, silly me”
“Nah, no worries, I just noticed my fan isn’t
rolling again, please do you know any
electrician to help me fix it??”
“Errr, i don’t know any electrician, but let me
see if I can help….
” hmmm, a doctor being an electrician?? Now
I’m hearing things”
“Let me see what I can do dear….”
“Okay, will be expecting….”

Doctor Vs Nurse Vs Patient. Part 22
Doctor Vs Nurse Vs Patient. Part 20

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