The Possessive Snob

The Possessive Snob. Chapter 15

The Possessive Snob. Chapter 16
The Possessive Snob. Chapter 14

The possessive snob ????????
Chapter 15 ????????
By Jennifer Owens ????????
???? Lola’s P. O. V ????
I opened the door to see a man.
He will be the same age as Andre or less.
“where’s he, where’s that snob ” the man asked and barged in.
“hey mister snob, how dare you barge in here and call Andre a snob, are you out of it ” I yelled and pulled him back to face me.
“look lady, I didn’t come here for you, now where’s Andre ” he asked and I scoffed.
“who the hell are you ” I asked and he smirked.
“well I’m Andre’s friend and who are you ” he asked.
“none of your business mister snob ” I stated rudely.
“OK where is Andre miss none of my business ” he asked and I couldn’t help but laugh.
“common where’s he ”
“he’s at work where else ” I said and he sighed.
“then I’ll wait ” he said and sat on the couch.
What an attitude?
What do I expect of Andre’s friends when he himself he’s an arrogant snob.
I shook my head and sat opposite “Andre’s friend ”
“so won’t you offer me anything ” he asked and I scoffed.
“hey mister snob, if you know what’s good for you, just sit your ass there and keep shut ”
“what ” he asked not believing his ears and I gave him a look that says “yeah ”
We sat down not saying anything and I continued watching TV.
“so uhm miss none of my business, I think we should start from being friends coz I want my first impression to be good ”
“so I’m Lucas and you are ”
“Lolita but my friends call me Lola but you can’t call me that cuz you ain’t my friend ” I blurted out.
“OK Lola… I mean Lolita ” he said and I smiled.
“so what’s your relationship with Andre ”
“none of your business ” I said teasingly and he laughed.
“like seriously, is Andre gonna come back home ” Lucas asked as it was already 19:15.
“of course, he wouldn’t let me sleep alone would he” I asked and he arched an eyebrow at me.
“whatever” I said and sat down coz I already made dinner and we’re just waiting for Andre so Lucas can eat.
We heard a car horn and Lucas heaved a sigh of relief.
“I though he’ll never come back” he said and laid on the couch.
“please get your lazy ass from the couch to the dinning table ” I said and he sighed.
The door bell rang and I went to open the door and jumped into Andre’s arm.
He pulled me away and crashed his lips on mine
“I missed you like hell ” he said and I laughed.
“I missed you more ” I said and kissed him again until we heard someone clear their throat.
We pulled away and that’s when Andre saw Lucas and he’s eyes widened.
“you arrogant ” Andre didn’t finish his sentence before they engaged in a hug.
“you didn’t ask of me ” Lucas pouted.
“you didn’t inform me before traveling ” Andre pouted.
“that’s because you were always busy ”
“then what’s the phone for ”
“for girlfriends, fiance, wife, etc and you’re none of that ”
“then why complain I didn’t ask about you ”
They kept on blabbering non stop until I cleared my throat.
“when you’re done with the blabs, meet me at the dinning ” I blurted and went to the dinning.
???? Andre’s P. O. V????

“I tell you she’s hot, beautiful and she’s kinda rude ” Lucas said and I glared at him.
“don’t you dare speak of my love like that ” I seethed and he arched an eyebrow then his lips formed into a smile.
“seriously, you’re in love ” he asked not believing his ears.
“yeah she’s the love of my life ”
“it’s good to see that you finally moved on from Lisa ” he said and I sighed.
“do you have to mention her name”
“sorry man”
“well let’s go before Lola gets angry and trust me, you don’t wanna see her when she’s upset ” I said and we laughed then went to the dinning to meet Lola already eating and we couldn’t help but laugh out loud.
“what” she asked with her mouth full.
“nothing” I said and we took our seats and served ourselves and we joined her eating.
After dinner and some chit chat, Lucas deiced to leave and I was happy coz I couldn’t stand the way he was looking at Lola.
“don’t you dare look at Lola like that again ” I said sternly as we were already outside.
“chill man, I was just checking her out ” he said and I gave him a glare.
“you’ve changed a lot, I could say you’re possessive ” he said and I sighed.
“well yeah coz I don’t wanna repeat the same mistake with Lisa, I don’t wanna loose her like I lost Lisa ” I said and he tapped my shoulder.
“you won’t lose her ” he said and I nodded.
“OK bye Andre, I have to go before Casandra chop off my head ” he said and I chuckled.
“Casandra is his wife and she’s very strict but loving ”
Lucas left and I went back inside to meet Lola already in her night wear.
She laid on the bed quietly.
I freshened up, put on my night clothes and laid beside her.
I held her in my arms with her head on my chest as I caress her arm.
“Andre” she called.
“who’s Lisa ” she asked and I was taken aback.
“all I can say is that she’s my past so forget about it ” I said and she sat up to look at me.
“why don’t you wanna tell me ” she half yelled and I know she’s getting pissed off.
“Lola just forget it ”
“no I won’t, why can’t you open up to me, I thought you love me ”
“I do”
” but you can’t trust me” she asked.
“I do trust you ”
“no you don’t ”
“my love, listen to me ” I said and held her chin to look at me.
“Lisa is a past, a past I don’t wanna remember so don’t make me remember it, please ” I said softly and kissed her lips.
“come here” I said and hugged her.
“I love you” I said but she said nothing.
“come rest you must be tired ” I said and laid her down with her head on my chest and we drifted to sleep.
“So you have a day off today ” she said cheerfully as she clasped her hands together.
“but Andre, I have to go shopping ???? ” she said and bit her lower lip.
“then let’s go together ”
“no no no, Anna is coming so you don’t have to come with me ” she rolled her eyes.
“OK ma’am” I said in a surrender tone.
The door bell rang and I went to get it.
I opened the door and let Brianna in.
“I’ve been waiting like forever ” Lola pouted and I scoffed.
“she just got dressed and she said she’s been waiting like forever ” I thought to myself.
“so love I’m off ” she said and kissed me.
I closed the door and fell on the couch.
“now I’m alone ”
The door bell rang and I sprung up happily.
“they are quick ” I said and opened the door but almost fainted when I saw her.
My first love, my ex wife, Lisa and she wasn’t even alone.

The Possessive Snob. Chapter 16
The Possessive Snob. Chapter 14

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